Though beloved Baton Rouge rapper has been known to be defiant, it would appear he’s in the midst self-isolating like the rest us. As we’ve already seen several prominent rappers struggling to retain sanity against cabin fever — and   — it’s no wonder Boosie has found himself on the quest for inspiration.

Boosie Badazz Offers Verses For Half-Price

 Carmen Mandato/Getty s

As such, he’s opened the floor for a massive deal — fifty percent f a Boosie Badazz verse until the Coronavirus pandemic subsides. “Corona got a n***a in the house,” says Boosie, his favored platform Instagram Live. “Half f them verses till the Corona over with, fuck that. Let’s get it. Hit the number on the drop. You trying to get a hit from me? Half f all muthafuckin’ verses till the Corona over with.” Should you be interested in taking the Badazz one up on his fer, the following numbers have been made available — serious inquiries only, no doubt —  the IG embed below.

Given that many creatives have likely turned to their home studios in an attempt to craft the next great mixtape, perhaps a Boosie verse would be a worthwhile investment. Provided one’s treasury can afford such an expense.  In any case, it remains a wholesome gesture from the Badazz one, who was originally primed for a big year himself; it remains to be seen whether  will arrive as originally planned. 

Check out the announcement below, and most importantly, be safe out there.