Boosie Badazz Says King Von “Underestimated Atlanta”

Boosie Badazz Says King Von “Underestimated Atlanta”

In a recent interview, Boosie Badazz reflected on the importance of security in Hip-Hop, speaking on the perceived missteps that led to the untimely death of King Von.

As previously reported, the 26-year-old was gunned down in front of an Atlanta nightclub after getting into a physical fight with rapper Quando Rondo in November. Currently, 22-year-old Timothy Leeks, a member of Quando Rondo’s entourage, has been charged with the murder of Von.

“King Von supposed to have a strap on him,” Boosie said in a sit-down with VladTV. “I think they kinda underestimated Atlanta. …I feel like they would have been more ready in Chicago, you know what I’m saying? Atlanta a chill spot…n—as really just partying, especially with out-of-towners. They ain’t hatin’ on out-of-towners.”


To that comment, DJ Vlad would add of the necessity for professional security hired to protect artists act quickly with removing their clients from any escalated situations.

“[It] goes to show the whole rap game that your entourage got to be ready and everybody gotta be protected,” added Boosie “…Security don’t need the guns, yo n—as need the guns,” added Boosie. “That f—ed me up. I liked King Von and I like Quando. Ain’t nothing positive out of this situation.”

Since his murder, King Von’s team has wasted no time in ensuring that the Chicago storyteller’s legacy persists with a posthumous release of his “Wayne’s Story” music video while also memorializing him with a billboard in Chicago.

“To celebrate Von’s artistry, vision and the immense love that he had for his fans, we will be continuing his rollout of Welcome to O’Block, while working to share unreleased music and interviews that he devoted his creativity into completing,” a statement from Von’s camp read shortly after his death. “Von had also been working on new endeavors that we will be announcing down the line.”