Numerous players from the 2016 NBA Draft have been getting big paydays as late and Brandon Ingram should be next up on the list. The second overall pick is currently on the New Orleans Pelicans and is hoping to test the market this summer when he becomes a free agent. There are some huge talents on the market and Ingram will be one them. He’s having one the best seasons his career and has opted to not sign an extension. Regardless, he isn’t too impressed with those his peers who are getting a lot money.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Ingram spoke about his contract situation and how he’s a lot more deserving than some the people making big money. In fact, Ingram joked about playing them one-on-one to prove his worth.

Brandon Ingram Incredulous Over Recent NBA Contract Extensions

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“When we talked about the extension, course, I’m human,” Ingram said  ESPN’s Andrew Lopez. “When I look at other guys, I’m like, ‘This motherf***er got an extension? Oh my god. Man, we can lace up right now and play one-on-one to 15 and this motherf***er won’t score.’ That’s how I looked at it as a competitor.”

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