Tiger King has absolutely taken over the entertainment world as viewers cannot believe just how riveting the docu-series is. With such a crazy story to dissect, people are powering through the multi-part doc and commenting online about the whole thing. Joe Exotic, a central component the show, was captured on video speaking about how unfair it is that he can’t use the “n-word” in a  from several years ago, and people are already beginning to write him f for it.

After  and , Tiger King star Joe Exotic may be nearing the end his fifteen minutes as rappers are beginning to say “thank you, next” to the television star.

Bun B Cancels "Tiger King" Joe Exotic
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“No Joe. You’re pathetic. Later for this clown,” wrote on Instagram, reposting a video the rant and hereby canceling Joe Exotic for the foreseeable future.

The Texas rap legend is one the first to speak out about Joe Exotic’s old video resurfacing, but his sentiments will surely be echoed throughout the hip-hop community after the big cat collector singled out rappers and their use the “n-word.”

Do you think this will affect the popularity Tiger King?