Over the weekend, and his wife Angela “Queenie” Walls found themselves involved in a tense altercation, which appeared to have started after a woman allegedly called Queenie the n-word and threatened to shoot her. The incident in question transpired in the parking lot a Whataburger, and while Bun only started filming after the insult was flung, the aftermath paints a clear picture as to what transpired. 

“The woman] decided to call us a n***a today,” explains Bun, in the middle a parking lot stand-f. “She felt like calling me a n***a.” Queenie chimes in that she also threatened to shoot her, inviting the challenge. As the stalemate continues, Bun explains that it all started in the Whataburger drive-through line when the woman lost her patience with the queue and pulled up alongside the couple’s car. “She told Queenie she was going to shoot her and then got out and called us a ‘stupid n***a.'” 

Bun B's Wife Confronts Woman Who Called Her N-Word

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“She just had to say n***a,” marvels Bun. “And that she was going to shoot my beautiful wife. She must not know what  Guess who got shot. It wasn’t my wife.” Before long, a policeman hits the scene and Bun patiently breaks it down, eventually finishing up his Livestream as the ficer checks his ID.

The saga picks up once the stalemate has ended, with Bun B and Queenie hitting up a nearby Walgreens store and discovering the woman’s vehicle parked outside. Queenie proceeds to march into the store, donning her protective mask for good measure, hellbent on laying down a masterclass in consequence.  It doesn’t take long for their paths to cross, and Queenie begins laying into the woman. “Surprise!” she declares. “You remember me? I’m still that n***a? Am I still that n***a?” The woman, clearly defeated, utters a meek “no.”

Bun closes out the Livestream with a word warning. “Be careful what you say to people and think you just going to walk away from it,” he states. “Be very careful.”