Cardi B Announces Facebook Messenger Series ‘Cardi Tries’

Cardi B Announces Facebook Messenger Series ‘Cardi Tries’

Artists have to find creative ways to perform amid the COVID-19 but Cardi B is still making money moves.

The Grammy-award winning rapper is inviting her fans to experience new things with her on her new Facebook Messenger series, Cardi Tries ______.

Starting from today until February 4th, we will see the “WAP” rapper document herself trying to be an expert stunt car racer, ballerina, firefighter, and teacher just to name a few activities.


The series is apart of Facebook and Instagram’s Watch Together initiative that will allow viewers to watch with their friends and family in real-time via Instagram, Messenger and Messenger Rooms.

Cardi B also serves as one of the executive producers for the series alongside Jesse Collins, Dionne Harmon and Patientce Foster. Todd Yasui serves as showrunner and executive producer.

Will you be tuning in?