We’re all affected by this coronavirus-imposed self-quarantine right now. Some us are spending extra time with our families. Others are overanxious about the uncertainty everything. Whatever your weekend plans are for the next three days, remember to stay safe, wash your hands, and continue to practice social distancing. and are getting very bored this whole “staying at home” nonsense and they decided to get creative with their time, showing their millions followers what their night entailed.

Cardi B Runs Into Jenga Tower Out Of Boredom
Craig Barritt/Getty s

The usually raunchy couple took to Instagram to reveal how they were spending their evening, building a massive Jenga tower and proceeding to destroy it. While that’s the regular protocol, the way in which they approached the ensuing disaster was definitely pretty jokes.

“Day 3,” captioned Cardi B on her latest Instagram post, counting the . In the video, she runs head-on into a large tower Jenga blocks, clearly going a little stir crazy. A song plays in the background.

With the number confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States growing rapidly by the day, we urge you to take a cue after Cardi B and stay indoors. Have some fun and be a little foolish this weekend.