Battle lines have been drawn between Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry. The Black In Crew and Black Ink Crew Chicago tattoo shop owners collided on a recent episode the New York show. There has been unspoken animosity between Ceaser and Ryan over Ryan’s involvement with Ceaser’s ex-girlfriend, Kitty. The , but Ryan told Ceaser that he was blowing things out proportion. The two came face-to-face during a confrontation caught by reality television cameras.

Ceaser Emanuel & Ryan Henry Have Tense Confrontation In "Black Ink Crew"
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty s

As far as Ceaser was concerned, Ryan was lying to his face. Ryan took it all in stride and told him that he’s acting too sensitive about the situation. There were plenty their crew members in attendance, all waiting to see how the conversation would play out. Both men walked away without things turning physical, but  that he and Ryan Henry won’t be friends anytime soon. In fact, Ceaser boldly proclaimed that he was going to hit Ryan where it hurts: “His pockets.”

This may be the lead up toward the revelation that was shared in the season trailer that showed Ceaser announcing that he was planning on opening a Black Ink shop in the heart . Meanwhile, Ryan wrote over on his Instagram, “… Ahhhhhh youngsta… ?… when the hate don’t work, they start telling lies… Welcome to Chicago✡️#9MAG.” Check out the clip Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry in a tense confrontation on Black Ink Crew below.