Check Out Emerging New Artist Logan’s Visuals “For Real For Real”

Check Out Emerging New Artist Logan’s Visuals “For Real For Real”


A rap artist who knows that music is just an outlet and his brand means everything is worth a million dollars plus some. Logan H. James is exactly that as he travels the world using not only music but his marketing expertise to collectively gain awareness of his distinctive brand. As the CEO of Renaissance Marketing, Logan has managed to brand himself with other burgeoning companies such as Angel Park, Venue GPS, Stoner Peace, Nulanguage and Poetic Stories being a major force to their marketing campaigns. Baltimore music artist Logan H. James is a household name ringing bells not only in the US but also throughout the UK. His music is an addition to what he brings to the table in the entertainment industry. Logan has been able to grace stages with seasoned artists such as Gorilla Zoe, Jada Kiss, Freeway, Juelz Santana, Bone Thugz and Harmony and many others. Logan has also collaborated with his Baltimore brother Chad Focus who has the right marketing force in the industry. His growing career has been a testament of what Logan H. James has accomplished over the years.

The Hip-Hop artist has used strategies such as touring off of one successful song named “For Real For Real” that was released under Empire. The hit single has taken him to many stages including one of the largest stages at the legendary SXSW in Austin Texas and stages at the iconic Essence Festival. His project “For Real For Real” was recorded in ATL’s renowned studio Stankonia recorded by RENEGADE EL REY and mixed and mastered by Corey Moe. His energetic spirit has gravitated him to be a force in the industry and overall heavily  increases his music streams.  Logan has the right mixture to advance himself within the network capacity, gravitating to an essential journey.

The Father and husband Logan H. James has the ability to selectively choose his music releases wisely. It is expected that his music Video “For Real For Real” should be released soon after years of the song being banging through the speakers of fans. It’s no surprise how excessively involved Logan H.James is with the Coalition DJS, recently celebrating the DMV Coalition five year anniversary. Logan shared the celebration with Gorilla Zoe, Trap Buckham, Sleep Don’t Reach, and others. Not only traveling state to state independently, Logan has been recently seen recording music in London. The musical artist traveled to the UK under the sponsorship of Cool and Calm Record Label and Bthmillers Luxurious Travels, expanding his music catalog.

Logan has learned from so many greats around him. Def Jam A&R Shampoo has been very influential in Logan H. James’ career, also under the influence of DJ Reddz from the beginning stage of his career. Not only is Logan an rising artist he is transforming into an actor as well. Capturing all his talents and skills as he excels in all aspects of his career. Logan H. James was featured on Black Market with the late Michael K. Williams. You can also catch Logan in feature films such as The Ruined Agency on Tubi and as well as on W.B hit tv show Divorce Court.

Lately you can see Logan H.James as he is working and expanding content. He has been pairing with popular influencer Chyng, building content around her directing skills. While his content is being shot by thriving videographers such as Meisha Derrick, Shot By ESDOTT, and Shot By Paperclip. It seems as if Logan H. James is on his way after teaming up with his A&R Nella Writes. Independently as an artist Logan has managed to deliver an awesome self served career, just from one single. It’Logan!!!!! is an artistic beast, excelling from the underground music scene.

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