Chicago Officer Faces Dismissal After Racist Social Media Posts Surface

Chicago Officer Faces Dismissal After Racist Social Media Posts Surface

It appears Chicago is cracking down on unruly officers. John Catanzara, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, is facing possible dismissal from the Chicago Police Department for offensive posts on social media, it was disclosed at the monthly meeting of the city’s police disciplinary panel.

The case could be decided by the full Chicago Police Board in the coming months. A monumental move regarding CPD. 

Chicago police Superintendent David Brown was overruled by a member of the panel in deciding a punishment for Catanzara, leader of the largest union of Chicago police officers.


According to information from the Police Board on Thursday, back in 2016, Catanzara posted offensive messages on Facebook. One specific message read, “Wtf its seriously time to kill these (expletives),” without mentioning exactly who Catanzara was writing 

“After considering this matter, it is my opinion that the superintendent did not meet the burden of overcoming the chief administrator’s recommendation for discipline,” said Zopp, a former deputy mayor under Mayor Rahm Emanuel who is president and CEO of World Business Chicago. “Based on the facts and circumstances of this matter, an evidentiary hearing before the Police Board is necessary to determine whether Officer Catanzara violated any of the Police Department’s rules of conduct.”

As citizens of America, we cannot have those in position to serve and protect taking on this narrative. It’s ridiculous.