Chinese Kitty Receives Backlash Over Fighting on United Airlines in Coach Class

Chinese Kitty Receives Backlash Over Fighting on United Airlines in Coach Class

If you are a fan of Love and Hip Hop then you know Chinese Kitty is no stranger to throwing hands. The Love and Hip Hop star is now letting it be known that she fights, on and off-screen!

A video surfaced on the internet that captures Chinese Kitty and Instagram model, Baddy Gi getting into a physical altercation on a flight. From what You can see in the video, a man stands in between the two women as he makes multiple attempts to prevent the women from getting to one another.

After seeing Chinese Kitty continuously try and attack Baddy Gi, the television personality then begins to exit the plane before remembering that she left her Birkin bag. Towards the end of the clip, you can hear Chinese Kitty yelling for someone to grab her Birkin bag.


Viewers were confused about Kitty flying coach with a Birkin bag, some even accused her of having her priorities messed up. After hearing about the backlash, Kitty took to her Instagram to clear the air.

“First of all, if you ever see sitting on the back of a plane. That’s because there was absolutely no flights to get home. Not one. Not no first-class or nothing so you better go check these flights,” she said.

She then went on her story and posted, “I’m still classy don’t get it f*cked up.”

Kitty also later clarifies that the flight she was on came from United airways and that she is now banned from the airline as a result of the altercation. “MISTAKE, I MEANT UNITED. AND WHY I TOLD MY MOTHER I JUST GOT BANNED FROM UNITED AND SHE SAID WELL ATLEAST ITS UNITED. NAH.”

Chileeee, we don’t need to be fighting in a pandemic. What are your thoughts?