Public Enemy has been making headlines for less than favorable news as late. The iconic rap group was reportedly at odds over a performance that was to be held at a. After it was announced that Public Enemy would be taking to the stage, Flavor Flav came forward to denounce the show. A war words between members Chuck D and Flav ensued, and news was shared that Flav was no longer in the group.

Chuck D Reveals Public Enemy Breakup With Flavor Flav Was Staged
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The exchange between the longtime friends and collaborators came f as bizarre to fans who couldn’t believe that they were breaking down, but Chuck D told People’s Party with that it was all staged to prove a point. “The murder , man, to see that, it was like the flashback to last year,” Chuck D said. “It got to be like, do rappers need to be killed to get noticed in hip hop? And this whole thing  bad news is the news and making people like—my daughter Dominique, who runs my company, she’s ten like, ‘Dad, that’s not a good look.’ And I’m likebecause the bad look got an elevator and a rocket to it.”

So, because Flavor Flav has been taking a few hits in the media lately and his “stock was low”, they concocted a storyline that would grab the attention the masses. ” Barry Sanders, or Colonel Sanders. He don’t give a f*ck,” Chuck D joked. He explained how they came up with the plan behind the scenes. “I’m not saying it’s a hoax. I’m saying the original intention was to get your attention and not play attention, get you to pay attention.”

Flav can’t be fired, anyway, because Chuck says “he’s a partner.” Listen to Chuck D speak about the importance Flav in Public Enemy and explain his plot below.