City Girls’ JT Unveils Solo Power with Release of “Sideways” Single

City Girls’ JT Unveils Solo Power with Release of “Sideways” Single

Today marks a significant milestone for JT of the acclaimed hip-hop duo City Girls, as she drops the record and accompanying video for her latest solo track, “Sideways” (Quality Control Music/Motown). Following the triumph of her previous solo single, “No Bars,” which achieved over 100,000 sales and 30.2 million streams, “Sideways” sets the stage for JT’s upcoming solo EP.

“I’m excited about dropping solo music because I can focus more on my creativity. I love everything about being an artist!” she says. “I just wanna chill, look good and drop pretty cocky bitch music. I’m the City Cinderella!”

As one-half of City Girls alongside Yung Miami, JT’s venture into solo work signals a bold new chapter in her career as she asserts her individuality and artistic prowess. Fans can expect “Sideways” to be a dynamic glimpse into JT’s evolving musical journey and a teaser for what’s to come in her promising solo career.


“Sideways is a mood! Sometimes women are forced to be friends with everyone and if we decide to stay to our self they call us mean,” she says. “Most of these b*tches nosey & phony! I love my b*tches though, the real ones. Shout out to the real b*tches!”

You can hear the single below.