Tom Brady is nearing the end his career although he is adamant he still has three or more seasons left in the tank. Brady wants to play until he is at least 45 even though he hasn’t been his normal, usual self in the pocket. His struggles have some people speculating that he won’t be on the Patriots next season. Brady has played with the team for 20 years now and seeing him in another jersey would truly be bizarre. Regardless, many pundits have begun fantasizing about where he should go next.

Fox Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd is one those pundits who is theorizing about Brady’s next move. In the clip below, Cowherd attempts to explain why Brady should actually go to the Indianapolis Colts. 

“Brady now is going to lose his fensive coordinator Josh McDaniels],” Cowherd said. “He already lost Gronk, New England hasn’t addressed that, he’s struggling with young receivers… Think what they Indianapolis Colts] have for Tom Brady. When Peyton Manning was a free agent and he was old, and he’d been banged up, where did he go? To a team that had weapons, an fensive line and a structure he trusted.”

When Manning was in Indy, the Colts were the Patriots’ biggest rival. If Brady were to go there, he would be betraying a large part the Patriots fanbase. While a move to Indy would be unlikely, it would certainly make for a phenomenal story line.