When so much beef is occurring in hip hop on the daily, it can feel like a breath fresh air when a hip hop veteran acknowledges the talent and success an emerging rapper. Just such a thing occurred recently when told  something that revealed just how much the OG respects this relative newcomer. 

While standing in a large group  people on the street among paparazzi, Diddy and DaBaby shake hands as Diddy places his other hand on DaBaby’s shoulder. Diddy proceeds to fer some kind words to DaBaby, pressing, “you the hottest n*gga in the game, you know what I’m sayin’?” As the crowd watches intently and the cameras flash, DaBaby looks very appreciative and honoured by this praise from  The two them performed at the same event on New Year’s , which may have been where this heart-to-heart occurred.

DaBaby would have to agree with Diddy, since , with NBA YoungBoy following in the number 2 spot. It makes sense considering, and has proved himself as  Despite some unfortunate occurrences recently, like  (though he denied that they were his) and , DaBaby is determined to