Yesterday, news broke that was arrested and detained in Miami , though his direct involvement wasn’t confirmed by authorities. Apparently, video footage found several men involved in a violent incident with a concert promoter, which reportedly finds DaBaby dousing said promoter in apple juice and robbing him his possessions. During the time his detainment, an outstanding Texas warrant ultimately caught up to the “Suge” superstar. TMZ confirms that the second warrant was issued over “organized crime activity,” which was issued after DaBaby and another man jumped an airport employee.

DaBaby Has A Message For His Lawyer In Defiant Courtroom Footage

Jeff Hahne/Getty s 

Upon learning the existing warrant, Miami authorities placed back into custody. Today, DaBaby appeared in court for two separate charges, looking notably defiant. “I got a quarter-million dollars in a hotel I need my lawyer to go get it,” he states, making no mention his predicament. The news report claims that he’ll remain in custody until his Miami-based robbery charge is resolved. 

It’s honestly hard to see this one play out, as it seems entirely possible these stacking legal issues derail an otherwise promising career. Look for more updates to emerge in the near future.