North Carolina rapper became  last year, dropping two highly-successful albums and showing f his personality through his hilarious videos. The rapper had been chipping away at the mainstream for years, and he’s finally considered a bonafide star. KIRK is truly what solidified him as one the year’s breakout talents, following up Baby On Baby with more an introduction to his character, telling tales about his family and relating to his audience. Originally, the album cover art was supposed to be very different from the version that was released, and DaBaby is showing the world what could have been on Instagram.

Updating his Instagram Story last night, the Charlotte native unveiled what he was going to run with as the cover artwork. Featuring tons colors, DaBaby shares a loving embrace with his child, writing the project title on a chalkboard and placing a tribute to his father in the right-hand bottom corner. 

The artwork that Baby ended up choosing shows the rapper as an infant, sitting on his father’s lap. 

Check out the original selection below and let us know which one you prefer. Both have extreme sentimental value to DaBaby, so either one would have worked. Personally, I think the one he went with portrays the album’s vibe more accurately.