As the spread Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc and derail plans across the globe, from April to November 2020. Public health concerns could likely lead to theatres being temporarily closed in multiple countries, which would seriously harm box fice numbers and disappoint Bond fanatics. Obviously, the movie’s star, Daniel Craig, had to address this turn events during his Saturday Night Live monologue. 

Craig told the audience how the film’s producers were kind enough to allow him to air a new preview  No Time To Die during SNL. The sneak peak takes place in a casino, where James Bond enters and immediately starts fancying a fine lady. While this is usually the part in a Bond movie where the female love interest swoons over the secret agent, in this parody, he lacks any charisma. His smoothness, his propriety and his composure are totally absent. He’s a messy and unlucky gambler at a chaotic Craps table. 

Also on SNL last night,  He also performed the previously-released single, “Blinding Lights”.