finally unveiled his son to the world this week, sharing  with his baby mama Sophie Brussaux on Instagram. Two-year-old Adonis has adorable blonde hair and bright blue eyes and, according to a duo hilarious late-night hosts, he could be the next big child star.

Drake got his start in the entertainment industry as an actor on the Canadian teen drama Degrassi. If Desus & Mero are indeed psychic, which is not something they claim to be, the multi-platinum global superstar’s son will soon commence his own career in commercials for GAP and Go-Gurt.

On the at-home version their show this week, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero spoke about the photos that Drake shared his son, calling the kid “cute” and joking about how it took so long for the rapper to finally reveal him to the world. They also predicted that he would become a familiar face in no time. 

“You know how much GAP commercials this kid’s about to be in,” asked Desus. “This kid is gonna get so many fucking commercials,” co-signed Mero. “He’s gonna be the Go-Gurt sponsor like next week. 100%.”

The two comedians went on to note  before pondering what it would be like if he came out looking more like Dennis Graham, the singer’s dad. In case you’re not familiar with Graham’s look, he’s almost always rocking funky sunglasses, a durag, and a bushy mustache.

Watch below.