For hip-hop heads, a donut is no mere pastry. It’s one the defining instrumental albums all time, courtesy the late Detroit legend J. Dilla. So much so that after his passing, Dilla’s uncle Herman  “Uncle Herm” Hayes opened up the Dilla’s Delights donut shop in the middle downtown Detroit. When it first launched in 2016, the people came out in droves to support the business, . Unfortunately, the beloved shop appears to have fallen on hard times, and currently runs the risk shutting down entirely.

Hayes went so far as to launch an Indiegogo campaign imploring the people Detroit to step in. “The cost transporting product, insurance, rent, and permits for both retail and production locations has taken a toll on our ability to eke out a prit,” explains Hayes, in the fundraiser’s write-up. “I recently battled cancer and I’m currently recovering. Due to my recent surgery, we reduced our hours and closed the shop for more than a month. Some the immediate contributions I hope to receive here will help with accounts receivable that are behind or past due.”

“The goal $15,000 will update, repair, and replace equipment used heavily for four years,” he continues. “It will help acquire wholesale vendor contracts, and upgrade to sustainable merchandise. It will aid in our search for a future home, provide project renderings, and secure the legal aid needed to move forward with ease.” As now, the Indiegogo fundraiser for Dilla’s Delights sits at $11,529, a few grand short the ultimate goal. Should you be interested in showing support for Dilla’s family and legacy, be sure to check out Hayes’ Indiegogo page right here. Rest in peace, Dilla.