DJ Envy Shares That 6ix9ine’s Manager Called Him Multiple Times for a Breakfast Club Interview

DJ Envy Shares That 6ix9ine’s Manager Called Him Multiple Times for a Breakfast Club Interview

Since Tekashi 6ix9ine’s release from prison, many celebrities and fans have been vocal in the choice to no longer support the rapper for his alleged involvement in being an informant for authorities. The rainbow-haired rapper will the be subject of a new docuseries developed by Showtime titled, Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine. 

The series is said to be split into three parts, detailing the rise of the Brooklyn rapper up until the incident that begins the rapper’s reputation as a snitch.

In an episode of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy sat down with his co-host and let them know that he received multiple calls from an unknown number that turned out to be Tekashi’s manager asking for an interview for the “Trollz” rapper.


“This morning I see three..four missed calls this morning at like 5 AM right? But they’re from numbers I didn’t know, West coast numbers. And I’m like ‘who the h*ll is this?’” Dj Envy then details that before revealing who he was, 6ix9ine’s manager first pranked him, acting as if he were the precinct.

“Aye, this is Murphy I was just playing with you. This is Tekashi 6ix9ine’s manager. Would you interview him?” DJ Envy then stated that his answer was “no” and the only reason he answered the phone that early was because he believed it was a family emergency.

This come’s after DJ Envy and Charlemagne Tha God’s decision to ban Tekashi 69 from their platform for the rapper’s status of being a snitch back in 2019.  “You turned on everybody. You get released and now you’re rewarded for it? I just don’t necessarily think it’s a message that I want to do. I don’t want to promote to kids that you go wild and do some stupid ish and you just go tell on the people you’ve done and all of a sudden you come out and can put out records and it’s all cool,” Envy stated.

Charlemagne Tha God agreed and stated that Tekashi would have to do some soul searching and stating that the rapper would have a target on his back.

Angela Yee, on the other hand, believed that doing an interview with the rapper would give him the opportunity to speak to his fans directly about the situation and set the record straight.

Will Tekashi 6ix9ine ever be able to make a comeback from this?