DJ Khaled & Fat Joe Declare Joint OnlyFans Account

DJ Khaled & Fat Joe Declare Joint OnlyFans Account

Yes, you read right. Long-time collaborators DJ Khaled and Fat Joe have tagged-teamed each other for an OnlyFans account.

The site has become one of the most in-demand and lucrative sites during 2020’s pandemic filled year. Celebrities and adult film stars have taken advantage of the site to offer exclusive pay-per-view content. Artists and celebrities have also used it to offer exclusive content for music and announcements.

Both Khaled and Joe took to their Instagrams to make the announcement. The first order of content was a one on one basketball rematch.


#FANLUV@fatjoe and I are officially bringing THE LIGHT
to @OnlyFans
I told @fatjoe we need a legendary rematch
everybody SUBSCRIBE and TUNE IN JAN 25! https://onlyfans.com/djkhaledandfatjoe… Let’s be super clear we here only to motivate inspire and spread positive vibes only . THE LIGHT”

Now watching two men in their early 40s play amateur pick-up basketball isn’t the most intriguing thing, but their celebrity is big enough to where they can galvanize an audience. In addition to random sporting events, they will be giving exclusive access to their lives at home, while sharing motivational content as well.

Check out DJ Khaled and Fat Joe’s content as their page is set to go launch on Jan. 25. To start they are charging $20 per month.