There’s no denying that is one the greatest rappers in hip-hop history. Look no further than two classics released back-to-back. Not to mention his “Damien” trilogy, some the best . A legacy act that has no doubt influenced a vast crop modern-day rappers to some degree, fans have been eagerly anticipating the long-awaited followup to DMX’s last studio album Return Of The Beast, which hit stores in 2015. Now, it would appear the time for a comeback is nearly upon us.

DMX Has A Lot To Say On His New Album

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Since we last heard from DMX, the rapper has experienced a slew hardships, including a brief stint in prison for a tax-fraud charge. Determined to remind the masses what he’s all about on the mic, X took to Instagram to provide an update on the state his next project, which has been in the works for a minute. “Look thru my eyes,” he captions. “Locked in the studio, there’s a lot I have to say.”

The brief yet exciting update arrives on the heels   on ‘ madcap Quarantine Radio, which found X confirming that the album was currently in the works. Given that X has been increasingly active on social media late, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him kick f a rollout sooner rather than later. Regardless how you might feel about new DMX music, it should be noted that his return is nothing short a hip-hop triumph — especially given some the hardship he’s endured in recent memory. Keep an eye out for more updates on the new DMX album as they surface.