was looking ready for bed in her latest Instagram post, which shows  posing in some lacy pajamas for a set thirst traps. When it comes to showing some skin on the ‘gram, Doja is an expert. A frequent thirst trapper, the singer/rapper is ten posting some hot-as-hell shots herself looking fierce, but based on the caption her latest post, they’re ten snapped by someone else. “I never post selfies,” she wrote on the photos her killing it in a Fashion Nova set, which includes a pink bra with black lace lining and matching shorts. “So let me be cringe for like 5 minutes thanks guys.” 

Now that she (and the rest the world) are doing nothing but chilling at home, Doja has all the time in the world to update her Instagram with some sultry pictures. , after was caught  one ‘s “Quarantine Radio” sessions on IG live. Her followers made sure to let her know that Chris seemingly “wants” her, but Doja doesn’t appear to have acknowledged this just yet.