didn’t release a ton music in 2020 but he did have his hands on several major film and television projects that were released to critical acclaim. Among them was the long-awaited which initially aired in the early 2010s before getting canceled after its second season. Drake, thankfully, brought it back for a 10-episode third season on Netflix this past fall, finally reaching a  beyond the UK.

Now, many you, like myself, have wondered if it was coming back for a fourth season. Champagne Papi confirmed this a few days ago. GRMDaily put the question in the air, asking their Instagram followers whether a fourth season will arrive in 2020. “Of course,” the OVO don noted in the comment section.

Although Drake only confirmed this, it seemed inevitable since the season’s launch. Shortly after season three dropped, wewho plays Sully on the show. Although he couldn’t give us a concrete answer whether it would at the time, he gave us a promising answer. “Not ficial yet, but if I was a betting man…I’ll say it’s probably going to happen, yeah,” he told us. Surely, he was correct and it looks like we’ll get a new season the show in 2020 from the executive producer himself.

Peep the post below. 

Drake Finally Confirms Netflix "Top Boy" Season 4 Will Arrive In 2020