Just a few days ago, flexed on us with his massive . Now, he’s back to make us feel poor by showing f . 

Drizzy first teased that this timepiece was on the horizon when he shared a photo a couple weeks back his rendez-vous at Jacob & Co. The limited edition watch has made its big debut on his IG and people are dazzled by its imaginative design. Its face consists a functioning roulette wheel, hence the model name Astronomia Casino. As if doubling as a roulette wheel wasn’t impressive enough, the watch has an arm with a diamond on it that turns over every 30 seconds to best display its 288 facets. 

While you may have already seen this new addition to The 6 God’s ever-expanding jewelry collection, he has advertised its features once again. Drake is using the watch to its full potential, entertaining dinner guests by placing friendly bets on his transportable gambling device. It’s unclear whether the videos on Drake’s Instagram Story were taken in his home, but if so, he has a massive kitchen island and multiple chefs preparing his meals. Would you expect anything less from a man with a $620,000 watch?