with a massive New Year’s bash, and the 6God himself got pretty sentimental on the mic with a touching speech. declares that he wants to make a tribute, though it is slightly unclear exactly who or what he is toasting to in the speech.

“If you came with your boyfriend or girlfriend, whatever it was at the time. The point is, like, you really, like, shaped a lot moments for us so I wanted to do a tribute to the decade ’cause we really do appreciate everything that you’ve done.” While the shoutout feels like it’s directed at one particular person with his repeated use “you,” it could just be that Drizzy is expressing his gratitude to his fans and supports. At one point, though, the camera pans toward a sign that indicates that the name the event is “A Tribute To A Decade,” which could mean that Drake’s merely saluting the formative years that were the 2010s.

Some parts the speech get drowned out by cheering from the crowd, but Drizzy carries on by toasting to his family and  “all these lovely people” at the party. “It’s amazing to be here together and I’m so thankful that you decided to come here. I know we all could have been anywhere else but this is a really important moment to bring in this next—I mean we talk about the next ten years but let’s focus on the next year. Happy 2020.” The DJ then starts blasting  which ; after all,  Drake has been causing quite a stir recently with  last week, in which he addressed everything from , to his  along with , who  Based on his wise words on NYE, though, Drake wants to leave everything in the past and move forward.