This season has been immensely successful for the Los Angeles Lakers thus far. The team currently sits in first place in the Western Conference with a record 27-7. After going on a four-game losing skid, the team has bounced back with a three-game winning streak in which they have played their signature brand high-octane basketball. On any given night, the Lakers are the most fun team in basketball and fans have taken notice.

The entire squad appears to have great chemistry and seem to be having more fun than the fans. LeBron James is a huge part that although Dwight Howard has been his goy self as well. Howard’s personality was on full display Wednesday night after LeBron showed f some impressive handles. As you can see in the video below, Howard hops f the bench and begins to mimic James’ moves.

Howard and the rest the Lakers squad have been heavy with the antics this season as they are always looking to make each other laugh. It feels like this team is just one big group friends who just so happen to play NBA basketball together. This energy will certainly go a long way as they march into the playfs this Spring.