Emerging Hip-Hop Star TOURE Drops Third Project, ‘Life Of The Party’

Emerging Hip-Hop Star TOURE Drops Third Project, ‘Life Of The Party’

In a relentless display of his burgeoning talent, West Philadelphia’s TOURE has dropped his third project in just 11 months, further solidifying his spot as a formidable force in the world of hip-hop. Titled Life Of The Party, this latest release is made available through DOPE Records. It features a notable focus single, “Lifestyle Vicious,” which boasts the participation of Grammy award-winning artist Vory.

TOURE’s latest project is an enthralling journey that encompasses reflection and well-deserved celebration. Comprising 12 tracks, it showcases agile rhymes, unwavering self-belief, and songwriting versatility. The album begins with “Lost It All Before,” a track that weaves poignant narratives of his life’s journey into a compelling sonic tapestry. On “My Raff,” TOURE delves into the complexities of success and the accompanying isolation, set against a backdrop of frenetic percussion and contemplative guitar work. The focus single, “Lifestyle Vicious,” featuring Vory, highlights the artist’s vocal prowess and explores the stark contrasts between his tumultuous past and current success.

Life Of The Party features a lineup of notable collaborators, including Kie, YP Slumpboy, Yung Bleu, and Zoey Dollaz. TOURE’s strategic collaboration with Yung Bleu on “Room 303” has already made waves on streaming platforms, earning a spot on prominent playlists like Most Necessary on Spotify, New In Hip Hop on Apple Music, Brand New Music on Amazon, Trendsetters Hip Hop on Pandora, and New East Coast on Tidal.


You can hear the new release below.