Eminem Pays Homage To ODB, Gangsta Boo, Shock G & Pimp C On Juice WRLD’s “Lace It”

Eminem Pays Homage To ODB, Gangsta Boo, Shock G & Pimp C On Juice WRLD’s “Lace It”

Eminem will forever go down as one of the GOATs. And now, he’s paying tribute to everyone who passed away too soon.

This past weekend, the Detroit native hopped on the late Juice WRLD’s newest track titled “Lace It,” which has already accumulated nearly one million views on Youtube on just the audio track. The song is procured by Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat, with the cover art depicting a car that drives into a fire.

Of course, it’s rare we see Eminem doing collaborations, or features at all. But this particular verse from Em hits home, as he gives his perspective as a former addict. 


“You pop some ecstasy first, it gets progressively worse,” Eminem spits. “Try your best to reverse, unsuccessfully flirtin’ with certain death and revertin’ to your Promethazine urge. The fuckin’ Devil, he lurks. Lose your best friends, he smirks. Wake up and everything hurts.”

This isn’t just a message to the young cats out there dabbling with substances to escape, this is

a reminder that addiction is real and you don’t need to go down that path.

“Fentanyl, Oxy, Demerol, them are all what possibly got Shock G,” Em continues. “Roxicodone and lean is probably what got Lil Peep and ODB, So many who OD be way too young to go see me. Juice, we will forever miss you. To the younger generation, I ain’t lecturin’ you, but man just be careful…”

Beyond letting Juice we all miss him collectively, Em pays tribute to late legends Gangsta Boo, Pimp C, Prince, and Michael Jackson.