has never been one to shy away from violence, especially when deep in the throes passion. Though he’s certainly been doing his best, it would appear that his newfound collaborator Jessie Reyez has awakened some his long-dormant demons. Together, the pair dysfunctional musical lovebirds sparked a three-part series closer in spirit to Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance trilogy than your average-run–the-mill love song barrage.

Eminem Vows "Sweet Revenge" On Jessie Reyez

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On Kamikaze, Eminem introduced the couple and their woes on the back-to-back tandem “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy,” the latter which found Reyez brutally murdering Slim in a desperate attempt to escape . Should you wish to see the macabre scene play out, check out Em and Jessie’s “Good Guy” video right here. Closure, it would seem — that is until Jessie Reyez dropped f her debut album Before Love Came To Kill Us, which found Eminem rising from the grave to seek his revenge on “Cfin.”

Naturally, the cinematic scenario is tailor-made for the visual treatment, and it looks like we’ll be receiving exactly that. Eminem took to Instagram to share what appears to be a screenshot from the climactic visuals, teasing his return from the proverbial dead. “Forever the #GoodGuy,” writes Em, alongside a playful heartbreak emoji. “@jessiereyez killed me on #Kamikaze and now I’m gettin’ sweet revenge!”