Fans Speculate Lil Uzi Vert and JT Together on Instagram Live

Fans Speculate Lil Uzi Vert and JT Together on Instagram Live

While there still hasn’t been any confirmation on the relationship status of JT and Lil Uzi, fans are determined to still put the clues together by using social media.

Last month, during an argument between Asian Doll and JT, Yung Miami stepped in to defend her friend as well as drop a hint for fans to know the real deal between Uzi and JT. “Only thing a bitch can ever throw at JT is Uzi,” Yung Miami begin. “Uzi literally be in JT pussy like a tampon. She ain’t gotta chase sh*t.”

JT immediately asked for her City Girls counterpart to take down the tweet after clearly being annoyed with the entire situation. “Caresha let them think whatever! Delete them tweets & move on cause it’s seriously confusing at this point!”


As if Yung Miami didn’t spill the tea, fans are still speculating the relationship between Uzi and JT. After Baby Pluto went live, fans called JT after a mysterious hand shut the live down. From what you can hear before the live got cut short, a woman is talking before Uzi tells her to “shut up.” Seconds later a hand comes from off-camera to shut it all down.

Fans took to Twitter to confirm their thoughts. “Assuming we all saw Uzi live, that was our home girl JT correct?” one fan wrote.

JT and Uzi are still deciding to keep their relationship on the low, but how much longer will their private relationship finally go Instagram public?