Fat Joe Talks Hosting Pepsi’s ‘Your Wildest Dreams’ Virtual Talent Competition Series, Expanding Instagram Live Show

Fat Joe Talks Hosting Pepsi’s ‘Your Wildest Dreams’ Virtual Talent Competition Series, Expanding Instagram Live Show

Earlier this month Fat Joe was joined by Mike WiLL Made-It, rapper Mulatto, producer Quay Global, Ashaunna Ayars and on-air personality Kenny Burns and they judged a virtual talent competition series exclusively on Triller.

It took over six weeks to narrow the competition down to three talented artists: T-Lyon, Harmonie Holt and Venus of Earth, who performed at Triller’s House of Atlanta for the grand prize.

T-Lyon was named the winner and in the exclusive interview below, Fat Joe explains why T-Lyon won the competition, his personal start at the Apollo Theater, and the creation of his media empire.


You’ve seemed to find what works for you during the quarantine with your virtual interview series. Can you describe what the experience was like for you to judge the first-ever Triller?

It was really dope. You know I got my start at the Apollo Theater. I won four weeks in a row, that’s how I started. So I know all about competition. I know all about fighting for your life so when you see the man on the plane, the pilot, we have 170 souls on board. He doesn’t say people, he says souls. And when I look at me, and I look at the hunger that I had when I started, even though the music has changed I see the same hunger in these young kids. And they fighting. They wanna buy their mama a house, they’re going for it. Male and female. And so I love that about them. And the fact that we can possibly give a helping hand to boost to a future superstar is amazing to me.

I see that T-Lyon was named the winner of the competition. Can you tell the people who didn’t get a chance to see him wow the judges, what made him the winner?

He was better that night. Actually amazing, he was so good we couldn’t hate on him. He was just too good, that night. And Venus On Earth, if you ask me, if she was produced right, she’ll be a bigger star in the long run. So that’s where I was conflicted. This guy killed her performance wise, but if it was my record label, I would sign this girl because I think she’s going to be a superstar. The other young lady had the better song out of all three of them. She just didn’t perform it confidently. It’s just a bunch of things that go in for the reason why I chose why I chose.

Is this virtual competition series something that you can see growing into something huge on like a Verzuz level while the COVID-19 pandemic still goes on? 

That was the reason for linking up with Triller and Pepsi Wild Cherry. Doing the first virtual competition for new artists. It was fun. It was all safe. It was thousands of kids who submitted their original songs. Then it was numbered down to 10. Can you imagine these crazy guys? Their swag. It was fly, it was dope. The people voted the 10, and we chose the last three for the dream team. 

Many artists have opened up in recent interviews about the things they’ve reflected on during the lockdown. Did you learn anything about yourself during the pandemic?

I’m built for everything. Fat Joe is built for everything. I’m not gonna lie. If this was the Roman days I would’ve had a sword on the frontline. I was terrified, a lot of my friends died especially in New York that was the epicenter. It says [COVID-19] attacks overweight people and people with diabetes, and that’s me. I’m overweight and pre-diabetic, so I was scared. So my daughter, she’s 14, suggested we go on live and she’s the executive producer of the show. And I began talking to people and they were sharing how scared it was. Over time it became therapeutic, and I went back on three days in a row at 8:00 PM. Then we started turning up everyday and got it lit. We talked about domestic violence, we had all types of doctors, psychiatrist, and politicians there: Cory Booker, AOC, Jumanee Williams, whoever, you name it. It’s pretty much informative on every aspect but always with a Hip Hop view.

I asked Dr. Fauci, “they wanna know when they can go back in the strip clubs” and I know he probably thought I was crazy but that’s what my people want to know about. That’s who I speak to and I keep bringing guests of triumph. Guests who came from nothing and became millionaires.

After speaking to Fauci and these medical professionals, do you feel comfortable taking the COVID-19 vaccine?

One million percent. I took my mother and father yesterday to get the vaccine at six in the morning. I went, picked them up, took them. Forced them to get the vaccine and we went there. And I don’t think they’re going to create a vaccine and give it to essential workers first and try to, ya know. In the hood, we got too many tales. But we done did the craziest things on Earth that’s a million times worse than the vaccine. My aunt from the Bronx isn’t trying to hear about the vaccine but I told my parents ‘don’t listen to her.’ Thank God we were able to get it.

Can fans expect to see you in more acting roles?

We got the big, big show that we’re going to expand right now on Revolt. Me and Diddy are partners and we’re looking to put it on Amazon or Netflix. I’m looking to become the new David Letterman, no lie. Arsenio Hall, David Letterman … Performances, the set, the J. Los, Beyonce’s, Drake interviews. The JAY-Z’s … That’s what I’m really focused on. I also own a movie I sold to Warner Bros. and we’re in the process of writing that script and I’m just trying to elevate in the media world, film, and television. So will I act? Yes.