Fetty Wap Drops Highly Anticipated Album ‘KING ZOO’

Fetty Wap Drops Highly Anticipated Album ‘KING ZOO’

Grammy-nominated rap sensation Fetty Wap has officially released his long-awaited album, KING ZOO, available now via 300 Entertainment. This 17-track masterpiece showcases Fetty Wap at his most daring and brilliant, with tracks like “Northern Lights” featuring uplifting piano and punchy 808s, and “Undeniable” delivering infectious melodies over a vibrant soundscape.

In “Jet Li,” the artist turns up the heat, boasting an incendiary and energetic flow with lyrics like, “It would take you a year to make what I made today.” The emotional “Super Human” combines heartfelt bars with a distinct bass groove, and the finale, “Private Party,” brings a dancefloor-ready vibe, exuding energy as Fetty Wap declares, “This is a private party, baby.”

KING ZOO marks a defining moment for Fetty Wap, showcasing his growth, versatility, and undeniable talent in the rap scene.