Scientists and doctors across the world are fighting to find a cure for Coronavirus. Though there have been plenty promising developments in a vaccine to fight the novel virus, one Florida politician has been forced to apologize after claiming that the cure for Coronavirus is in the power a household blowdryer.

“One the things pointed out by one the foremost doctors that has studied the Coronavirus says that the nasal passages and the nasal membranes are the coolest part the body. That’s why the virus tends to go there” he explained, citing his background as a paramedic as his merit for medical and health expertise. “The answer was you use a blow dryer. You hold a blow dryer up to your face and you inhale with your nose and it kills all the viruses in your nose.”

He has since apologized for his comments and pledged that he wouldn’t make anymore comments or suggestions surrounding his debunked claims.

To Facebook Friends, I am Heartfully Sorry for comments I made on Social Media. I was only trying to give comfort to those in Okeechobee who have no insurance to treat there families
I should have ignored the comments that I perceived as hateful and the embarrassment I caused to my Fellow Commissioners and our Administrator
And her staff
I will not fer anymore suggestions unless they are tried and proven
I ask for All your forgiveness for anything fensive that I uttered during these exchanges. God Bless and sten your hearts.

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