is one the most legendary boxers all time and has made millions dollars throughout his career. In fact, Mayweather’s fights can make him upwards hundreds millions dollars simply because his name draws a massive crowd. When you make a lot money, the taxman frequently comes knocking at your door. If you don’t pay these taxes, the IRS could come after you which would end up being a pretty scary sight.

 and in the middle their conversation, Mayweather lamented about the concept taxes and how we have no clue where our hard-earned money goes. In fact, Mayweather claims there is no law that says we need to pay taxes. Brown seemed to agree with this notion although if they went to google, they would understand that there are harsh penalties for not paying taxes, including jail time.

When you’re as rich as Brown or Mayweather, paying your taxes shouldn’t be that big an issue although, for them, it seems like a really big hassle. As for us common folk, we will have to continue paying our taxes without raising a single finger to the powers that be.

As they say, such is life.