It’s not even noon EST and the antics have already reached critical mass. It all started after decided to start picking on over a Bugatti’s mileage, a petty feud that soon escalated into a full-fledged Instagram war. This morning, French decided to retaliate with what can only be described as “the kiss death,” which is to say, photoshopping two men into a passionate embrace. By the time 50 Cent logged onto IG to plug #lecheminduroi,” it was already too late. An edited image   

French Montana Declares Victory After Posting 50 Cent & Eminem Dubious "Smooch"

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It didn’t matter that the picture originally featured 50 Cent kissing Nicole Scherzinger The Pussycat Dolls. The narrative steamrolled forward, a hip-hop variant Star-crossed lovers. Of course, many immediately saw through the ruse, opting to stand loyal to Fif and ‘s platonic partnership. Yet others found the exchange particularly hilarious, especially considering Fif’s own use cyberbully-esque Photoshops. Lest we forget,  

With 50 having yet to respond, French took a moment to declare victory over his opponent with another age-old strategy: kill em’ with kindness. Rapping along to Fif’s “How We Do” verse, French can barely contain his glee. Check out his celebratory antics below, and weigh in — did French Montana prove the chosen one after all? Or did he make a fatal mistake by not only poking one bear, but dragging another, deadlier bear into the mix?