Many are still treating and Lori Harvey as an unconfirmed couple, but they’ve been spotted together enough times recently to declare their relationship status ficial. Harvey has made headlines for flings she has had with several members  the hip hop community, including , Justin Combs and Justin Comb’s father, . Given her history with Diddy, Twitter got a good laugh out the fact that . However, Diddy must have not been too consumed by jealousy, since . 

It wasn’t just the two them celebrating the new year on the water. . ‘s presence added a whole other layer hilarity to the situation since he rapped on “Going Bad” that he’s “got Lori Harvey on his wishlist.” This jetski crew left many wondering whether Harvey came up as a topic conversation and if so, what would Future, Diddy and Meek each had to say.  

While the rap legends zipped around the Miami Intercoastal, Harvey was updating her Instagram followers that she was at home sick. This sent Twitter into a frenzy as people accused Future neglecting his boo or Harvey sitting out this potentially-uncomfortable bro-day. In the end, Harvey got the last laugh because, despite feeling under the weather, she was glowing in Balenciaga undergarments.