Whenever announces a new project, you can always expect a few familiar names to pop up on the tracklist. The mega-producer is very close to both Beyoncé and Jay-Z, having collaborated with them on a few bangers in the past. Another artist he loves working with is , who has managed to earn placement on the majority Khaled’s recent albums. The two have a knack for creating hits so it isn’t a surprise to see them back together in the new year. Just two days into 2020, it looks like this duo is returning again, spending some moments outside the studio and having some boy-time with an abundance food and some jet skis. 

Recording a video for his social media fans, DJ Khaled revealed he was spending the afternoon with none other than Future Hendrix, wishing the rapper a happy new year. “2020 already secured,” teased Fewtch, hinting at another early-year takeover. At the beginning last year, Future released a new album and a shorter project to follow. Perhaps he and Khaled already have things on lock for the upcoming months. “Just know we on Forbes already,” he added.

After chowing down on some turkey burgers and french fries, the two superstars took out the jet skis (even though Future admitted that he doesn’t usually ride like that). He’s doing it because, in his own words, he needs to start “living a little” in the new year. Would you be excited about the prospect a new collaboration between Future and DJ Khaled?