As if Gene Simmons couldn’t get anymore shocking, the rock legend revealed something very odd about himself to Twitter on Wednesday, and people were floored. Deciding to start the new year f on an especially weird note, Gene posted some photos on his Twitter account, with a very important question that nobody ever thought they’d be asked. In the photos, a robed Gene stands at the kitchen counter, spoon in hand, as he mixes his Oreo O’s and Mini Wheats cereals around in a bowl milk and, that’s right, ice cubes.

“Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” Gene asks in the caption, as if this is a totally sane and innocent question and not a crime against humanity. The replies to the tweet are priceless, as unknowing users happen upon the post and express their horror and disbelief at what they’ve witnessed. 

One user posted a meme in response, which appears to be a blurry, black-and-white screencap  some creature accompanied by the words, “Every day. We stray further from god.” Another wrote, “I thought the Satanic thing was just an act, until now,” referring to Gene’s band, Kiss, and their controversial history. 

Actor and comedian Diedrich Bader responded with a GIF  his character, Lawrence, from the 1999 film, Office Space, saying, “No. No man. Sh*t no man.” While Diedrich’s use himself in GIF form as a reaction was met with widespread approval, Gene was still decidedly in trouble with the Internet. The most hilarious response came from from the person who was likely the most scarred by the post: Gene’s son, Nick Simmons. Nick replied to his dad’s abomination by saying, “30 years. 30 years watching him do this. This is my life,” indicating that this strange practice is nothing new for Gene, which makes the whole thing a thousand times worse.