by going on IG live whenever he has the chance. Typically, he entertains questions from fans and tries to give them insight into his life and career. Recently, the Greek Freak was asked about the NBA and who he feels is the hardest player to guard. Giannis fered up a surprising answer as he mentioned his arch-nemesis, James Harden.

For those who don’t know, Giannis and Harden have been embroiled in a beef over the last few months. Giannis started it all with some light jabs although . He even said Giannis’ game required very little skill. Despite all this, it seems like Giannis is admitting some admiration towards Harden.

It’s important to mention that Giannis looked like it truly hurt his soul to admit that Harden was such a good player. He even lets out a bit a grunt at the end which basically lets us know he never wanted to have to admit that Harden is so good. Regardless, the Harden and Giannis rivalry will continue to go on and hopefully it provides us with some gems moving forward.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen how much longer this lockdown will go on for.