Basketball has become one the most popular sports in the world and by extension, the NBA is one the most popular leagues. The last decade has proven to be quite successful for the NBA even if there has been a lack parity. Perhaps the biggest trend in the last ten years is how popular shooting threes has become. The Golden State Warriors proved that this is one the most effective strategies and were able to win three the last five NBA titles because it.

In a recent interview, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich spoke about how the NBA is a copycat league and that it’s become boring to watch. As he explains, this is mostly because everyone is shooting threes now which in his opinion, takes some fun out the game. 

Gregg Popovich Explains Why The NBA Is "Very Boring" Now

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“We all steal from each other, that’s the bottom line,” Popovich said according to Mike Monroe The Athletic. “None us is] innovative. We just look for somebody who did something well, and we copy it. And now we all penetrate and shoot threes, which is very boring.”

Popovich’s comments are certainly interesting and were even echoed by Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. While coaches may not like it, it seems as though the players and fans are more than happy with how things are going.

What do you think this issue? Is Coach Pop right or is the game in a good place?