Millions creatives have found themselves confronted with financial hardships during this COVID-19 quarantine. Independent contractors and freelancers have been fired or laid f from their jobs, and with, the musicians and singers that work with them are out work. Some members the rich and famous elite are donating money to COVID-19 relief efforts, but H.E.R. reportedly made sure that her team is taken care financially.

H.E.R. Gives Entire Team "COVID-19 Funds" To Help Them For Next Few Months
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty s

H.E.R.’s act generosity would have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for her supporting vocalist Ajanee Hambrick. In an Instagram post, Ajanee shared that H.E.R. not only gave her money to cover her expenses for the next few months, but for everyone who works with and for her. “I’ve been gone for a second because My family was directly effected by COVID 19 All us were infected with the virus,” Ajanee wrote. “Today This BOSS just With some COVID 19 funds to help us through the next few months I’m not talking about alil bag for groceries! SHE JUST BLESSED EVERY LAST ONE OF US! THANK YOU sis!”

She went to encourage all artists “” to mirror H.E.R.’s act altruism. “Especially if they have been down from day 1 ❤️ Thank You @hermusicficial for being someone who leads by example!” Check out Ajanee Hambrick’s post below.