Harlem-Bred Artist Keem Shaka Drops Infectious Single “5 Star”

Harlem-Bred Artist Keem Shaka Drops Infectious Single “5 Star”

Keem Shaka, the Harlem-bred artist, is once again making waves with his latest single release, “5 Star.” Following the success of his hit track “Are You Kidding Me?” from November, Keem Shaka returns with a song that not only matches but exceeds the heights of its predecessor, solidifying his position as a rising star in the music industry.

Hailing from Harlem, New York, with roots extending to Bergen County, New Jersey, Keem Shaka’s music is a fusion of various influences gathered from across the South and the West Coast. This blend creates a distinct sound and aesthetic that captivates listeners, combining gritty New York essence with southern beats and catchy choruses.

“5 Star” serves as a testament to Keem Shaka’s evolution as an artist, delivering an infectious summer anthem celebrating the power and allure of women. The song has quickly gained traction, amassing over 200k streams on Spotify within just a month of its release. Fans and critics alike are hailing it as a potential “song of the Summer,” further cementing Keem Shaka’s status as an artist on the rise.


With the momentum behind “5 Star” continuing to build, Keem Shaka is gearing up for a series of shows, performances, and appearances, further solidifying his position as the new king of the Tri-State area.