Heineken’s 150th Anniversary Celebration Draws 65,000 Music Enthusiasts at Hey Neighbour

Heineken’s 150th Anniversary Celebration Draws 65,000 Music Enthusiasts at Hey Neighbour

Heineken, the global purveyor of good times, marked its 150th anniversary in Africa with a spectacular three-day extravaganza, Hey Neighbour, captivating over 65,000 music lovers at Pretoria’s Legends Adventure Farm. The festival, held from December 8th to 10th, served as the apex of Heineken’s year-long celebration across the continent.

Headlined by an illustrious lineup featuring Kendrick Lamar, The Chainsmokers, Tyler, Nasty C, H.E.R, Sauti Sol, Khalid, and Focalistic, Heineken orchestrated an unforgettable convergence, uniting fans from across Africa in a celebration of 150 years of shared and unforgettable moments.

“The Hey Neighbour Festival was a remarkable showcase of Heineken’s commitment to delivering good times with every sip,” said Nabil Nasser, Global Head of the Heineken Brand. “Hosting attendees from across Africa at the festival solidifies our dedication to fostering connections and creating platforms that transcend barriers and bring the continent together.”


Warren Le Grange, Creative Director, Khoi Kreative, the festival organizers, added, “Hey Neighbour transcends entertainment; it symbolises a collective celebration of music, culture and the beautiful tapestry of diversity. The festival embodies an immersive journey, uniting neighbours as friends through the power of music and we’re glad to have been able to provide the perfect platform for the culmination of Heineken’s 150th anniversary celebration in Africa.”

Notably, the festival achieved a remarkable milestone as over 65,000 music lovers participated in Africa’s largest cheers, toasting and celebrating Heineken’s monumental anniversary. The event exemplified Heineken’s commitment to fostering joyous experiences and creating lasting memories for its diverse and widespread community of enthusiasts.

“Witnessing everyone come together to toast and commemorate Heineken’s 150-year anniversary was incredible,” said Valdemiro Jose, a music artist from Mozambique. “Seeing individuals from all corners of the continent gather at a festival sponsored by a beer brand was impressive. It truly marked a significant milestone worth celebrating!”

You can see images from the event below.

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