Hitmaka’s facing some serious allegations following an  that took place recently. The producer was , though he’s denied he account the story. He claimed that she was trying to set him up and he only hit her out self-defense.

Hitmaka's Alleged Assault Victim Files Restraining Order Against HIm
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According to The Blast, Tilley has now filed a restraining order against the producer on claims that he threatened to kill her. In court documents recently filed, she details her side the story. She claimed that she was asleep and Berg abruptly woke her up after her phone continuously rang. That’s when he claimed that she was trying to set her up.

“Christian then got out bed and began walking around his home checking his doors. He kept accusing me trying to rob him and repeatedly asked me to hand over my phone. I did not want to give him my phone and we began arguing,” she said. “hristian then began slapping me and pushed me to the ground. I tried to defend myself against the slapping and pushing, however, I was unable to. At this time, I knew I had to get myself to safety. I got myself f the ground and ran to the nearby bathroom and locked the door.”

She added, “Christian’s security guard then approached us. He was dressed in all black with what appeared to be a pistol on his side. His security guard demanded that I hand over my phone. I refused. At this time, Christian was pacing back and forth and threatening to kill me. He pointed his gun directly in my face. I was crying and begging him for my life. I told him I had a family and four sisters and I did not want to die.”

She said that she was taken to a hospital in L.A. to be treated for her injuries and had LAPD issue an emergency protective order. Tilley has hired Lisa Bloom was successfully got the restraining order granted. Hitmaka will have to stay 100 yards away from Tilley at all times.