and ‘s publicized breakup in 2017 appears to be the topic the former’s song, “Save Your Tears,” f , according to fans. The eleventh track f After Hours is causing some major discussion on the Internet as fans question whether or not The Weeknd is referencing his relationship with Selena in the lyrics. The main factor that initially sparked speculation over the song’s true muse is the very first line “Save Your Tears,” in which The Weeknd sings, “I saw you dancing in a crowded room.” At first glance (or listen), the lyric is pretty vague and could be referring to basically anyone. However, it’s worth noting (fans believe) that one the songs f is called “Crowded Room.” This MUST mean something, right? Maybe, maybe not, but the coincidental use the phrase has fans reeling.

Fans have also been speculating that the album’s title track, on which he also mentions a “crowded room,” is about Selena, as well.

While these two tracks could possibly be about his famous ex, The Weeknd had fans much more certain that there’d be an undeniable Selena tune on After Hours when  However, no such song appeared on After Hours, so fans will have to continue dissecting the less blatantly obvious cuts f the album.