Jack Harlow Explains Why He Didn’t Remove Tory Lanez From ‘What’s Poppin (Remix)’

Jack Harlow Explains Why He Didn’t Remove Tory Lanez From ‘What’s Poppin (Remix)’

Many artists stood in solidarity with Megan Thee Stallion after she accused Tory Lanez of shooting her by scrubbing the Toronto artist from their catalog.

Kehlani removed Tory from their “Can I” collaboration, and Jo Jo also followed suit and took him off of her “Comeback” record. Jack Harlow also had a feature from the Chixtape rapper this year but he didn’t follow the lead of the aforementioned singers.

During an interview with Power 106, Los Angeles Harlow explained why he didn’t even consider removing Tory from the collaboration, which also featured Da Baby and Lil Wayne.


“I don’t think I’m God,” Harlow replied when asked about that decision. “I don’t have no room to judge anybody. I wasn’t there when this and that happened, I don’t know anything.”

Jack suggested there’s “a certain integrity you have to keep as an artist,” and that there are “three sides to every story.”

The topic of cancel culture came up and Jack Harlow just shook his head and said he “hate[s] the pack mentality.” “Just a lot of judgment and laziness and… you know, people aren’t perfect bro. I feel like people should be able to recover from their mistakes.”

Harlow reflected on some of the criticism he faced and revealed that most of it come from white people. “I remember saw somebody talking bad about me online, and you know you see that kind of stuff all the time, but I saw somebody really think piece it up,” he said. “Got really analytical and tried to shred me… and you know, it was just another white guy.”

Check out the full interview below: