It’s no secret that is among the game’s most creative merchandise innovators. In fact, when he first launched his line associated Astroworld apparel, Travis Scott’s merch moved as rapidly as his music did. Clearly, many his fans are enamored with his brand. Is it really a surprise to see him pushing the envelope to new heights with his latest CACTUS JACK drop? , Scott’s collective have come through with some interesting new items, many which center around automobile culture.

Should you be interested in expanding your collection, perhaps you can cop yourself an ficially licensed JACKBOYS fire extinguisher? For the more paranoid types, what about a steering wheel lock? Should you be seeking simple cosmetics, there’s always mirror dice to fall back on. Not to mention a toolbox, an air freshener pack, a vehicle ash tray, a helmet, a radar direction unit (though it’s currently sold out), and much more. And yes, there’s also more traditional apparel, ranging from t-shirts, work shorts, beanies, and hoodies.

You can check out the full extent the JACKBOYS merchandise right here, and feel free to shop to your heart’s content. In light this batch, is it fair to say that Travis Scott and co have the most innovative merch in the game?