The beauty technology is that even at times when we, as human beings, can’t congregate physically, there are ways to keep in touch through social media apps. Instagram, for example, has been providing an  in the wake the Coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown that everyone is supposed to be abiding by.

Jadakiss & Dave East Discuss Whether Trump Uses A Stunt Double Or Not
 Tasos Katopodis/Getty s

That being said, and ‘s recent Instagram Live stream was another source great content during these otherwise dull times. They began discussing some political conspiracies including the possibility Chinese government ficials using stunt doubles for press conferences.

“They say they got, in China, they say that all the top n***as in the politics. They got like, stunt doubles. Like, people that been practicing being them for years. Look just like ’em, all that. And them n***as got low and sendin’ they stunt doubles to different little press conferences and shit,” East said before Jadakiss admitted that it didn’t sound far fetched. That’s when the conversation took a turn.  “Trump might have a double. You think Trump got a double?” Dave asked Jada.

“It’s hard to look like that ugly mothafucka,” Jada replied. 

“That n***a’s a one–one,” Dave added.

Jadakiss and Dave East need their own show. Peep the clip below.